Pastoral Care

There are times in our lives when we could use someone to talk to. Whether we are expecting to face challenges in the near future, are struggling with an issue that is taking place right now, or are having trouble letting go of something that has happened in the past, just having someone walk with us can make a tremendous difference. If you would like to speak with the Pastor about something you are struggling with, please email pastor at or call the office at 775-827-4822.

Godly Play

Godly Play is a Montessori based Sunday School program that teaches children the art of using religious language – parable, sacred story, silence and liturgical action – helping them become more fully aware of the mystery and reality of God’s presence in their lives. Using careful telling of scripture stories, engaging story figures, and a variety of creative activities, Godly Play encourages children to seek and find their own answers to their faith questions.

Godly Play offers a contemporary and child-accessible version of the ancient spiritual practice of lectio divina: holy reading, wondering and responding to the Bible’s sacred stories. Instead of analyzing God’s word, the children meditate in an artistic and kinesthetic way. Godly Play helps children know God and the Bible instead of simply knowing about God or about the Bible. To learn more about this fascinating program, please visit the international Godly Play website at  Godly Play is offered for ages 3 – 12. Please bring your children on Sunday morning, and feel free to observe a class. Godly Play is held during our worship service at 9:00 am.


In baptism we are promised that God has freed us from sin and death by joining us to the death and resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ. We are born children of a fallen humanity; by water and the Holy Spirit we are reborn children of God and made members of the church, the body of Christ. Baptism is not a means of salvation; rather it is a beautiful image of our union with Christ and a constant reminder that God has promised to love us always, and that nothing can separate us from this love. If you wish to speak to the Pastor about baptism for yourself or a loved one, please contact us if you have questions or simply submit the appropriate form to


Holy Communion, also called the Eucharist, we recall the saving acts of God through Word, bread and wine, and are connected with Christ and with Christians of all times and places. In this sacrament we are fed with the Body and Blood of Christ. Holy Cross celebrates communion during all of its worship services and all are welcome to share this meal at the Lord’s table. Confirmation classes are available for deeper understanding of faith and how God is present in our lives. If you wish to learn more about confirmation classes for yourself or a loved one, please contact us.